Rewriting API docs and making our API easier to use

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11 Feb 2011

Our API has been around for some time. For long you can do almost anything you can do on Mobypicture also through our API. From registering new users, posting comments and getting all the info about a post. Our documentation however wasn’t our strongest point and our API had some illogical calls.

We completely rewrote our documentation this week with example responses and a better description of which parameters you can and have to send. At the same time, we leveled the illogical parts of our API. It was for example nescessary to send the parameter u for most calls, but sometimes you had to use username. Same for post-id’s and tinyurl codes with or without the part. Every call accepts the same parameters and returns more similar results.

No need to worry BTW, our API stays completely backwards compatible, which results in some illogic response fields. Please just ignore those :)

If you have any feedback, please let us know! We’re always happy to improve.

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